Your safe to spend number is like magic

SafeSpendr accounts for monthly bills and savings goals so that when you're standing in the grocery store, you know exactly how much you can spend in the moment.


Automatically earmark money

Accurately account for future bills

Enter your bills and SafeSpendr will set aside money from each paycheck to ensure you have enough to cover the bill when it comes due. Never pay a late fee or overdraft charge again. And no more relying on credit cards to pay bills.

Reach your savings goals on your schedule

Saving for a birthday, trip, or large purchase? Enter how much you need and by when, and SafeSpendr will set aside money from each paycheck so that you reach your goals on time every time.


See your spending habits

Want to know how you're spending your money? Just ask. Using the power of AI, ask questions such as, “How much did I spend on Starbucks last month?” And SafeSpendr will tell you. It's that simple.


Get notified before "uh oh"

Easily set up custom alerts to get notified when your Safe to Spend balance is getting close to zero or you're overspending at a certain store.


Get setup in minutes

Securely connect your bank account with just a couple of taps. SafeSpendr will then guide you through adding your bills and goals — no complicated categories to set up or manage. And of course, you can make changes whenever you need to.